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Project Competence E

Hermann-von- Helmholtz-Platz 1
76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen

phone: +49 721 608-26844
fax:      +49 721 608-28284 
email:   officeFlo3∂competence-e kit edu

Welcome to Project Competence E

Focus on electric energy storage
Elektrische Energiespeicher und Antriebssysteme

Generation, storage and use of electric energy on a sustainable and cost-efficient basis for stationary and mobile  applications are among the biggest global challenges for the next decades. In the long run, only those institutions will be successful, which pursue a comprehensive, inter-disciplinary approach along the complete value chain. In Project “Competence E”, the competencies of KIT along the value chain are pooled and an open technology platform for future electric energy storage systems is being set-up.

With a so far unique focus on the entire system, Competence E develops industrially applicable, cost-efficient solutions for energy storage of the next generations. Simultaneously to the development and prototypical construction of new kinds of cells and batteries and the integration to an overall system, new manufacturing processes for the cost-efficient production of those components are being developed and demonstrated. The objective is to develop battery systems that feature a gravimetric density of 250 Wh/kg, producible on an industrial scale at the costs of 250€/kWh.




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KIT @ Intersolar and ees Europe 2017

Competence E presented latest results of the project Safety First on the efficiency of home storage systems at Intersolar and ees Europe from 31st May till 2nd June 2017 in Munich. Besides, research results of the solar power storage park has been showed.

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